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Lazy C Ranch

25lb. Ground Beef Box

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Deposit on Ground Beef Box

What's included?

Grass fed and finished, pasture raised, local Utah beef.

  • 85/15 Ground beef with just the right amount of fat for grilling or cooking your favorite recipes.  
  • Packaged in 1/lb. vacuumed-sealed packages.

We're accepting deposits for our next processing dates. After your deposit is placed, we will call text or email, and discuss a timeline for the finishing and processing of the beef. The final price for the 25lb. package will be $170.00

This Ground Beef Package includes:

  • USDA processing.
  • The beef in frozen vacuumed-sealed portions
  • Local pick-up or delivery within 100 miles of Gunnison Utah.

Your $90 deposit is applied toward the total purchase price. We will invoice for the final payment before delivery.


Delicious and Nutritious Grassfed Beef

• Grass fed/grass finished beef is highest in nutrients Bata-Carotene, Vitamin E, Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Trans Vaccenic Acid (TVA)

• Nutrient rich foods, like grass fed beef provide your body and brain what they need to function properly without adding empty calories to your diet.

• Grass fed beef as a product, is the tip of an underlying mountain of strength and integrity rooted in family farms that put their hearts and hands into what they produce.

• Grass fed is as much a process as it is a product. It is a sustainable management philosophy that benefits not only the product but also the animal, the producer and the environment.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe that we have a superior product, and take raising our beef seriously. Every package of our beef is of the highest quality, and we hope that you will find it that way. If our product doesn't mee all your expectations, we'll gladly make it right!

  • We have been buying grass finished beef from Lazy C Beef for the past nine years. The meat is consistently high quality with great flavor. Grocery store beef pales in comparison. We love having a freezer stocked with healthy meat to feed our family.

    Mandy C.

  • Buying beef from Lazy C is an amazing experience. We have known Scott for 7 years and he makes your buying experience great. When you buy beef from him you know your getting great beef grown on his ranch. I would highly recommend buying beef from Lazy C Beef, and would recommend them to anyone I know.

    Cole H.

  • We have been purchasing our meat from Lazy C Beef for several years now. I like having beef that is grass fed and knowing it comes from a good source and it tastes so good. Nice and juicy steaks. Everything is trimmed just right.

    Mishelle K.

Bulk purchasing offers our customers the lowest price for meat. This is purchasing meat in quarters and halves, which saves time sorting and processing and you get a large assortment of cuts.
Beef will store very well in the freezer for a year or more. The space required to store the meat will take approximately 1 cubic foot for every 35lbs. of meat. A 1/4 will require about 5 cu. Ft. and a 1/2 about 10 cu. Ft. of freezer space.
Grass-fed takes longer to “finish” than grain fed feedlot beef. Therefore the time involved in finishing is the difference. But, you get a more healthy and nutrient dense product.
Yes, all of our beef comes directly from our ranch. Our calves are born and raised here and are grown to maturity on the ranch.
No, our beef is seasonal. We have only a limited supply and sell usually between the months of November-April.